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Say Hello to Preferhired

Posted by Michael Bachman on Jun 14, 2017 10:45:00 AM

In my work as a job board rep many years ago, I spent my time helping companies make the most of online job postings. However, there was always one avenue of hiring I could never compete with: internal candidate referrals. No matter how successful these companies were in using job boards, the results never held a candle to the return they could get by sourcing new hires through their current workforce, like lower cost of hire, better fit and longer tenure.

Simply put, I knew referrals would always win. But, I also realized that as great as referral hires were, it wasn't always easy for companies to make them happen. This same issue holds true today.

It was out of this need that Preferhired, the newest and most innovative way for companies to find candidate referrals, was launched.

Preferhired gives hiring managers and recruiters access to a community referral network full of top talent, while incentivizing employees to help you find the people who are right for your company. It combines the best elements of referral hiring, social recruiting and online talent communities.

Our talent sourcing platform also provides a lower cost of hire, increased referrals and high-quality candidates, all with no risk involved. Unlike a typcial job board, with Preferhired, there are no upfront costs, so companies maintain full control of their budget and only pay for success. It also creates an opportunity for well-connected people to recruit for hiring managers when and where they want to, and to earn rewards doing so.

In a world where we’re all connected, it’s time for companies - and their employees - to start making the most of the connections that already exist. Preferhired is the network that’s changing how referral hiring happens. 

Ready to learn more about Preferhired, see what all the buzz is about, and join our network? Say hello to Preferhired!

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