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How to Increase Referral Payouts Using LinkedIn and Facebook Groups

Posted by Michael Bachman on Jun 6, 2018 2:21:00 PM

At Preferhired, we try to make the referral process as simple as possible so you can focus on the who rather than the how. Using LinkedIn and Facebook are great ways to share a job posting with people in your network. This method is fast, easy, and you’re able to reach a wider controlled audience compared to other methods.

LinkedIn and Facebook groups allow you to band together with a group of like-minded people on these social platforms. Posting a job in a group can help you narrow down the audience (and sea of potential applicants) to make sure you’re sharing an opening with the most relevant candidates (using your unique link of course). For example, you wouldn’t want to necessarily share a job opening for a writing gig with a Facebook group for chemical engineers - it just wouldn't be relevant.

Once you have created a Preferhired Referrer account, follow these simple steps to make a referral and start getting paid those cash rewards today via PayPal:

How to Make a Referral Using LinkedIn and Facebook Groups

  1. Login to your Preferhired account.
  2. Under the menu, click on “SEARCH JOBS” to browse job postings.
  3. Once you see a job you’d like to share, click on the LinkedIn or Facebook icon, located below the blue DIRECT LINK button.
  4. Untitled-2.pngWith LinkedIn, you’ll be presented with options such as share with Public, share with Connections, send directly as a message, etc.
  5. If you’d like to share your unique referral link with a LinkedIn Group, check the box that says “Post to groups”. Enter the name of the Group and compose a message you’d like to include with the link for the job posting. Once you have selected a relevant group and are happy with your message, click on the blue “Share” button.linked1.png
  6. With Facebook, you’ll have options to share the job posting on your timeline, to specific friends, etc.
  7. If you’d like to share with a Facebook group, click on the drop menu at the top left and select “Share in a Group”. Once you have entered the name of a relevant group and are happy with the message, click on the blue “Post to Facebook” button.linkedin2.png
  8. After you’ve shared a job posting through LinkedIn or Facebook, make sure to check back with your post and respond to any questions or feedback that people may have.
  9. Get paid immediately when a candidate applies through your unique link and moves through the recruitment process. Getting paid at each step along the way!

Best Practices for Sharing through LinkedIn and Facebook Groups

  1. Make sure to be direct and specific. When working within Facebook and LinkedIn Groups it’s important to be specific in your outreach. Like we said before, if you’re looking for someone in engineering it may not be the best to post them in a group about social media. In addition to being specific, it’s important to know that the audience on Facebook is different than that on LinkedIn. You can be more playful in your language on Facebook. Keep things professional on LinkedIn. 
  2. Post and share often. In order to stay relevant and stay at top of mind it’s important to post and share often so anyone new to the group(s) sees your posts and that your post about specific jobs stays at the top of the feed.
  3. Be responsive when posting in groups. If people are asking questions about certain jobs -- make sure to respond to them directing them back to Preferhired Support ( or if it’s a question you can answer respond quickly.
  4. Most importantly, use your specific Preferhired Direct Link.

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