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50 Taglines for Your Employee Referral Program

Posted by Michael Bachman on Apr 25, 2018 2:18:00 PM

Established employee referral programs are essential for maintaining a constant pool of candidates that are of high quality in nature. The largest struggle when developing a program is communication and engagement. The ability to communicate the benefits to employees, to participate in such a program, is a major obstacle that needs to be overcome before the program can be successful. One of those methods of concise communication is the value proposition or tagline you’re using to create a strong buzz.

There are hundreds of taglines out there, but we’ve sourced 50 different taglines that you can use as inspiration when building out your employee referral program.

50 Employee Referral Program Taglines for Inspiration 


  1. We’d Like To Meet Your Friends.
  2. Refer & Earn.
  3. Share The Love.
  4. Bring your Buddies
  5. It Pays To Have Friends.
  6. You Scratch Our Back And We’ll Scratch Theirs.
  7. Help Us Get The Word Out.
  8. Hello...It’s leads we’re looking for…
  9. You can help us ‘Pick the team.’
  10. Your Power To Earn.
  11. Help Us Catch A Rising Star!
  12. An Opportunity With Purpose.50_taglines_Blog_post_image-1.jpg
  13. Friends make great co-workers.
  14. Refer your friends. Get rewarded.
  15. It’s A Win/Win!
  16. Invite Your Friends.
  17. Tell Your Friends.
  18. Help Us Help You!
  19. Your Friends Can Make You Money!
  20. You’ll Love Our Referral Program.
  21. Pass It On!
  22. Make Money By Referring Your Friends.
  23. You Refer Them. You Make Money.
  24. It Pays To Have Friends.
  25. Get paid to work with your friends.
  26. Refer and you shall receive.
  27. Start Someone’s Life.
  28. You Love Us. So Share Us!
  29. Sharing Is Caring.
  30. Unleash Your Power.
  31. We’re Looking For Good Friends…Just Like You!
  32. Spread The Word.
  33. This Is How We Roll.
  34. Who Should You Reward?
  35. Let’s Help Each Other!
  36. Join our Referral Program.
  37. We Love Referrals!
  38. We Appreciate Your Referrals.
  39. Our Way Of Saying… Thank You!
  40. Bring your friends to work everyday.
  41. One Good Lead Deserves Another.
  42. Refer A Friend. Refer Family. Refer Talent.
  43. Friends wanted.
  44. Got Friends?
  45. Referral Madness.
  46. Refer A Friend And Get Some Cash To Spend.
  47. We Need Your Talent.
  48. Earn Cash With Each Referral.
  49. Give your friends the gift of a career.
  50. Have You Heard?
  51. Can You Keep A Secret? We Hope Not!

Creating the right kind of buzz that speaks to your individual stakeholders is key when it comes to building out a great tagline. If you’re looking to find the perfect tagline that ties in with your company’s overall mission statement, partner with your marketing or public relations team and build out a flawless slogan. You can even have a contest amongst employees once finalist have been narrowed down. Making it interactive from the get-go will keep things interesting.

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