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How to Hire in Healthcare: Our Future Predictions on a Growing Industry

Posted by Michael Bachman on Dec 20, 2017 2:06:00 PM

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the healthcare industry will add more jobs than any other industry between the years of 2014 and 2024. What does that exactly mean for recruiters who are looking to hire from this diverse pool of candidates? Whether you’re hiring a registered nurse or looking for high-quality clinical care workers - understanding the nuances of the industry, and how to hire without hiccups, is now more important than ever.

As one of the fastest growing industries it’s important to know where the trends lie and how to always be one step ahead. In order to do that - here are some predictions and facts that you can start thinking about in order to hire for healthcare more effectively.

Prediction #1

The Affordable Care Act will boost competition for candidates. What happens when the amount of people insured goes way, way up? The demand and need for talent rises at the same level. It’s estimated that between 2014 and 2024 healthcare occupations will account for over 2.3 million more jobs added into the field since approximately 17 million more Americans are being insured. From home health aides, to occupational therapy assistants - this industry is only in its infancy when it comes to its upcoming enormous growth.

How to prepare for this prediction?

Start hiring early. Rely on methods of hiring that work well. Employee referral systems are put in place to help recruiters boost their overall hires with little work and even lower cost. The time is now to invest in systems and adopt processes that will help prepare you as hiring picks up. Don't be left behind.

Prediction #2

Internships will be more important than they ever have been. While this is true for most industries, healthcare, as the fastest growing sector, will benefit the most from college recruiting programs.


How to prepare for this prediction?

Invest in your university recruiting program now. College students serve as one of the best pipelines for talent, yet most companies invest little to no money in their internship program. Start a 3-month clinical rotation program for seniors in order to help them understand what type of healthcare they want to get into. Having an internship program normally guarantees placement, if the student did well, and will make your job as a recruiter much easier.

Prediction #3

Talent pools will start to lag when it comes to expanding speciality programs. This is a prediction that I’m betting has already started coming true. When looking for a specialist, it’s extremely hard to find them - especially if you need them now and have to wait for boards to be passed and students to graduate.

How to prepare for this prediction?

*Broken record alert* If you’re looking for someone with a speciality, the person who probably knows well qualified applicants are those already working for you in that specialty. Building an employee referral program will open your door to insights that you may not have already had. A recruiter can only run so many boolean searches and nurses may not be on LinkedIn or social media because there isn’t a need for them to be. 

Bonus tip: With Preferhired you only pay for success. Post your job for free and only pay when you’ve accepted the apply, interviewed, and/or hired an applicant that you pick. It’s that easy.

Prediction #4

Our last prediction goes against some stats out there on millennial tenure, but I think i’m making the right bet. New grads in healthcare are looking for long-term career advancement and are willing to work harder for it. The stigma of someone staying at a job for 2-3 years and then leaving doesn’t happen as much in healthcare.

How to prepare for this prediction?

Value your employees early and you’ll have them for a long, long time (regardless of the industry). Healthcare is unique in the sense that it’s always growing and new specialities are continuouily discovered. If you want to be known as the best hospital in the nation, invest in employees that’ll get you there. Give them all the resources you’re able to, and then some! 

One of the worst things a recruiter can do when hiring in healthcare is to recruit out of desperation. The cost of hiring a bad employee is greater than what it normally would be to wait and hire the right candidate. Keep these four predictions in mind when sourcing, recruiting, and retaining your employees. Not only will you be winning the war for talent in the competitive landscape of healthcare, you'll be way ahead of the curve and ripe for recruiting success.

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